Vaaran Palkki

VAARA STABIL© – Raw material for the Log House Industry

The non-settling VAARA STABIL© log is a durable and cost-effective choice for use in the log house industry. The dense-grained and small-branched wood of the north guarantees the excellent quality of our products. In addition, the new technology enables the production of more uniform and cost-effective logs than before. VAARA STABIL© log is available both as a log blank and as a pre-planed log. Available with pine or spruce surface.

Standard dimensions available:

VAARA STABIL© Raw – Log blank
141x238x12 200 mm
141x288x12 200 mm
210x288x12 200 mm
248x288x12 200 mm
278x288x12 200 mm

VAARA STABIL© Profiled – Pre-planed log
134x210x12 200 mm
134x260x12 200 mm
202x260x12 200 mm
240x260x12 200 mm
270x260x 12 200 mm

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